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Productive Commerce (a.k.a Wishlist, Compare and Quickview for WooCommerce) is a WordPress plugin that empowers WooCommerce websites to offer 3 essential features of eCommerce shopping. Namely Product Wishlists, Product Comparison, and Product Quick View. These days, online shoppers expects the capability to evaluate and analyse the product independently, before paying.

For many online buyers, interacting with the product through personal evaluation, peer review, side-by-side comparison with related products, are essential shopping tactics. To achieve the needed interactivity and engagement, oftentimes, the customer seeks the opinion of friends and family. Additionally, customers sometimes browse products in advance, before paying.

Successful commerce stores know that customer decision cannot be controlled. But the customers’ feelings can be influenced by the provision of tools and features that encourage interactivity and engagement. A successful e-commerce store will provide the tools and features that empower the store visitors to play the shopping tactics, without friction.

This is where this plugin comes in. It aims to support website visitors and store owners by encouraging the customers to play the shopping tactics, and the store is expected to benefit in terms of improved conversion rate, lower bounce rate and returning customers.

See a Live Demo

Feel free to visit the live demo to experience the ease at which all three features play together. While developing the plugin, we gave special attention to achieve high performance and compliance in coding standards. For example, the plugin has been optimised and tested with Google PageSpeed Insights, scoring 100% for accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

The free version includes decent functionalities for both Wishlist and Product Comparison. While the Pro version has the full set of features for Wishlist, Product Compare, and Quick View.

The plugin offers consistency and synchronisation towards great user experience since all three features are designed to work hand-in-hand and are styled similarly.

The three features have been combined into one plugin with a view to maximising performance and streamlining customer experience. The plugin is easy to setup. The default settings are presented in the demo, which becomes usable immediately upon activating the plugin. But, these can be configured, as described below.

Good news, the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons are designed to work with any theme since they inherit css styles for the current theme, in terms of css styles, and colour scheme. So customers experience should remain the same across the website.

The plugin is translation ready, a .pot file is provided.
The plugin provide support for RTL languages.
The plugin provide support for WPML (in progress, coming soon).


See a live demo of the plugin here.

About this Documentation

This documentation site, which is only available in English language, aims to provide you with helpful instructions for setting up and using the plugin. The documentation is relevant to both the Free and Pro (professional) versions where features that are only available in the Pro version are highlighted as (Pro only). As such, a pro-only feature may not be available in the free version.


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