Productive Demo Importer Plugin

The official demo content Importer for our themes. This plugin will import demo content including Header menu, Footer menu, Widgets settings and customiser settings to set up your new WordPress website with similar content as the our demo of the theme. It is lightweight and works with little effort – just 1 click to import theme-specific demo.



Productive Demo Importer plugin is made available to speed up adding content to your website. If you have one of our themes (this is applicable to both free and Pro versions), the plugin will import demo content into your website.


The plugin is designed for use with fresh installations of WordPress. The plugin may overwrite existing content and it may not behave as expected, if you already have content on your website. Therefore, DO NOT use it on a live website and DO NOT use it to update an existing website.


So, please use it only with a new installation of WordPress.


The plugin will import content to your website that will make your website look similar to our demo website. It will import the following content:

  1. Header Menu
  2. Footer Menu
  3. Homepage Content
  4. Customizer settings
  5. Widget Settings

Once again, only use this plugin on a new website as it may overwrite and/or delete existing content. Therefore, you should not use the plugin to update your website. Instead use it when starting out.


If you need support, you can get support in two ways, depending on the version you use.

  1. If you use the Pro version, please visit our support page to start a ticket or contact us for pre-sales questions.
  2. If you use the free version, please visit the support page on